noun the center of interest or activity 

verb pay particular attention to 


Y’all do not understand how difficult it is to be honest with myself. I swear, I can lay in my bed all day and really believe in my mind that I am fulfilling my dreams. It’s insane. Ultimately, I lose focus on my bigger goals, dreams, and aspirations. I lose interest in the biggest parts of my happiness. I refrain from actively focusing on the creative instinct God placed in me because of how stressful life is. I don’t want or desire for anyone else to be like me. 

I hope that young or old women globally find their focus and don’t lose it. I pray that their minds eye acts as a microscope on the desires of their hearts. I want to encourage you to pay particular attention to your music, art, math class, English lesson, 20 page essay, monologue script, job assignment, and business. I cannot express how easy it is to LOSE FOCUS. Small problems turn into disabling habits. Literally.


Fight for your focus. Don’t let your dreams die because of a boy, a blunt, a bottle or an invite. Your accomplishments directly reflect the amount of attention and time you put into whatever it is you want your life to be. 


I believe in us. I believe in THE FOCUS.



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