Forgiving someone does not mean a “continuation” of the relationship.

Whether it is personal, an associate, business or simply causal; forgiving someone does not equate to them staying around. I’ve learned about many people in all 5 states that I have resided. There have been a handful of people that I have purposely cut ties with because of character traits that I can not personally associate with; which is entirely my choice.

For example, there was a woman whom lived in my 1 bedroom town-home. I invited her to stay with me because her and her then, 1 year old son, were homeless on the streets of Atlanta, GA. She of course acted friendly for at LEAST 2 weeks before her character began to show negative and incomprehensible signs. I kept ignoring the red flags: always starting arguments with me, always feeling “inferior”, always making jokes, always comparing, etc. The list could go on… ANYWAYS, I chose to ignore these signs which ultimately led to us getting physical and me leaving to move back home to Seattle.

If I were as forgiving as people would like me to be, she’d probably still be in my life somehow. Whether that be a Facebook friend, or follower on Instagram. But, I refused ANY contact with her after our altercation. I refused to respond to her emails. I refused to accept her false letter of apology because it was very demeaning and sarcastic. I no longer wanted her in my life.

Did I lose anything by cutting her completely off? NOPE. Do I regret burning that bridge? NOPE. Because I KNOW what I deserve out of friendships. I know what I need out of friends. I don’t need any added stressors from people who consider themselves my “friend”.

I choose my friends very wisely. Now, don’t get me wrong, I give a lot of people the benefit of the doubt. If there is a person that I know wasn’t purposely being malice or disrespectful towards me, I consider their heart. 

Love thyself more than you Love relations.

  • Don’t settle with any kind of “friend”.
  • Don’t accept things that affect you negativey!
  •  Signs of a Toxic FRIENDSHIP.
  • Don’t push things under the carpet.
  • Know yourself (Keep getting to know yourself).
  • Don’t let people sell you “loyalty
    • I have met some manipulative wo(men) who make you feel obligated to continue a friendship just because they feel they deserve it
  • Know what you deserve out of a person
  • Listen to your heart, it’ll rarely lead you wrong



Know that you are more important than that other person, they are just meeting you, you’ve known yourself your whole life!!!!!!!!


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