Guarded Mind.

For anyone who wants my love, here, you can have it.

Openly, vulnerably, genuinely; it is yours.

But for anyone who wants my mind you have run out of time.

I have no ‘free’ game to offer or words of advice.

My mind has been tainted. I need a cleansed mind.

It does not think about butterflies, mermaids, and fairies anymore.

Freely given to anyone who asked… I allowed my mind to be beaten, battered and harassed

For now, you are no longer welcomed in my amygdala.

I don’t want memories of you and I.

I no longer desire to create any lasting, anything.

I’m fed up of lost dreams.

You can have my love.

Without spending time.

Without connecting dots.

We will coexist.

That’s it.



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