I know a lot of believes don’t really support anti depressants. But I’ve recently begun taking a new medicine which is really helping with my anxiety!! I feel so calm and at ease. Usually I’m super anxious, bogged down with “what ifs” and frozen in fear that I’ll make mistakes. Now, I know that anything done in excess or if I become dependent then I have to go back to natural remedies… 

But for now, they’re working and I’m not ashamed. 

Also, I love how much I’ve matured as a woman. I have gotten so patient with my healing. It’s been a long journey from the sexual assaults causing PTSD & my chronic homelessness causing depression… I’ve overcome an onslaught of attacks and I thank GOD I’m still alive!!!!! 

Also, I’m in a space, mentally, that’s totally accepting of my flaws. I’m human. And that’s okay. 


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