“God provides, just when I feel like he won’t show up on time, God provides. He’ll come through when the clouds of doubt cover you… now you finally see what God can do for you. So tonight, close your eyes, there’s no more need to fight.

Those words are sung by infamous gospel singer and actress Tamela Mann; how God used her! I can attest to the truth of the beautiful song God Provides ❤️ I am so glad that I get to experience the undeniable Holy Spirit! The tangible blessings of faith. The peace that God has given me is not in vain. 
Story time: My car was pretty much totaled on November 8, about a week ago during the presidential election. I seriously got depressed during the course of the last week… just totally saddened. I couldn’t get out of bed. I was taking my pain medicine every 4-6 hours on the hour. I began really feeling defeated and frustrated with my tests and trials. Today, November 14, nearly a week later God surprised me. I was referred by a coworker to a auto body shop. When I arrived I was told that it would cost me $4000-5000 to repair the damages. Not only that, but last week, Geico called me saying that they would bill me for any damages the Ford Focus may have. Y’all!!!!! Talk about ANGUISH!!! Anyways, the dealer calmly said “My brother is selling his 2003 BMW -we can sell it to you for $3500.” Look at God!!!!!!!! Jesus, I was desperate…. I was weak. I need Jesus!!!! I am nothing without Christ. 

“Serving God does not exempt us from times of despair.” –Bishop David Maldondo 

2 kings 7:1-2


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