How quickly life can change: Car accident 

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 made history. At 6:58pm I made a left turn that drastically affected my life. Not only was I headed back to the homeless shelter where I am living, I had made a conscious decision to leave the election viewing party that I was supposed to volunteer at. Why? Because they had tokens for alcoholic beverages and I chose not to be apart. I am currently 3 months 3week sober. 
Anyways, as I drove my beautiful 1999 Toyota Camry, I praised God and rapped along to some Yani Mo.  It was raining really hard. I got into the turning lane to make a left hand turn and boom, I was side swept by a Silver Ford Focus. Now I am carless, homeless and I owe Geico for any damages to the Ford Focus. 
Did I mention I am on an AmeriCorps stipend and I also didn’t have insurance? So I was cited for failing to yield and uninsured. 

I want to go to the nearest bar right now. But I love the Lord. I love being sober. I love trying and succeeding at my rightouesness. 

But what’s next? Please tell me how to cope!! I lost the car I worked so hard to get and my dignity…. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME 


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