Oral extraction, dangers.

Today, post oral suregery for tooth #31 I had an unexpected life experience. Tooth #31 was broken and causing severe aching pain in my head and mouth. 
I needed it removed!!! So, I waited a week from my first exam to see Dr Antone. She seemed like a sweet lady. Then she applied some local anesthetic, numbed my mouth and began pulling, drilling, pulling and drilling. I haven’t had a worse experience at the dentist. 

She and the dental assistant joked about how they were in “war zone” because bits and pieces of the tooth were flying everywhere…. 

About 5 seconds after she says “last little bit”, I went into shock and had a baby seizure (fainted and when I came back to, began shaking uncontrollably). 
I don’t know what’s next… 
Today. I found out the reason community dental clinics are horrible choices for certain procedures.. today, I apologized for “embarrassing myself” when I noticed the dental chair was surrounded by nurses and a doctors after what I thought was another extraction… 

I’m a bit traumatized…… 


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