On purpose 

I share my story with you all. I share my story with almost everyone that I meet by simply introducing myself. You all are a part of my purpose. I recognize the distance between my own past and my present. I use to be someone else… now, I die daily to my flesh. 

She’s really serious about God.

I am serious about God. God knows that I am. He hears my whispers when I’m sleeping and He hugs me. God rubs my back when I’m lonely, He comforts me. 
We’re serious about one another. A love so deep that when I notice I haven’t communicated or spoken with God, I am saddened. 

Of all the people on the earth, I choose to be with God. 

Yeah, call me a Jesus freak or whatever but this whole religious thing isn’t working… I’m too flamboyantly in Love with God. In the moment, I can’t help but to break law. I just love God. I wanna scream and shout and let it all out!!!! 

                      THE DRISKILL 

Austin, TX…… you ready? She’s here. Gods purpose. On purpose. Sober. Vigilant….Prayerful


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