I know that if I die, I will live forever.

Pleasure is easily found in the world. For it is not pleasure I am after. I am longing for a joy that is undeniable, that I feel in discomfort. I want that joy that rests deep down in my belly. The Holy joy. The unbeatable joy. I yearn prayerfully in many supplications unto the Lord, my savior, for the joy of my salvation. Midst my life’s inevitable pains, I believe and know that I have aquired the spiritual maturity that defeats all demonic and negative thoughts. I pray. I beg, I cry out, “WOE IS ME LORD, SAVE MY LIFE.” Here I am, at IHOP, enjoying a free strawberry pancake for my 23rd, birthday. Well, I turned 23 yesterday, but I celebrated at Revival last night. I did not have the energy to do anything else but bless the Lord for seeing another year.

Almost every believer, can attest to the purity of the Holy Spirit and the tangible healing the entity of God delivers. ALSO, we all must proclaim the goodness and mercy God has undoubtedly shed on our lives.

SEPTEMBER 28TH, 2016 was the first sober birthday that I have had in years, I couldnt even tell you how many. FOR THAT, I AM SAVED, AND THIS IS THE EVIDENCE OF THE LORDS GRACE!!!!!!!!!!!

Continue praying for my strength in the gospel saints. I will most definitely pray for you all as well. I thank God for seeing yet another year, and I bless God for loving me enough.


Psalm 22: 4 & 5

“Our Fathers trusted You; They trusted, and You delivered them. They cried to You, and were delivered; They trusted in You, and were not ashamed.

Trust…. I trusted I would be set free, and here I am, LET FREEDOM RING.




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