I have to share this!!! I just woke up about 5 minutes ago and I swear God himself was speaking to me in my dream(s). 
Usually when I dream they make no sense or I can’t see faces or face are of strangers. 
My dream(s) weren’t like that this time. I could see everyone. They were consecutive. One thing after another. Real life Kind of dream(s). I knew the people in my dreams, I could see them clearly… One person was my Pastor, he was clear. Our church was huge. There were so many more people. I seen one of the Youth as a young adult, maybe 17 or 18 singing a solo! I was in the front row. Her mother was right beside me. My dream was clear as day. God has placed me here in Nashville. 

People will know who I am. I won’t be the Girl That No one Knew for much longer. 

Revelation!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won’t die. I will live. I am not stuck. I am not invisible. People pray for me. They worry about me. They wander where I’ve been… They care. They care to know who I am! 
Another part of my dream was with people I use to go to Bible camp with when I was a young girl. They were clear as day. Lord!!! I have to let go of the insecurities of my past self. I have to build a new kind of Woman. My dreams were reminders, and also, visions… 

God showed me a chapter of my past and then a look into my future. I have to live!!! 


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