Rude public transportation workers 

So, I take the number 18 every day to work…. The usual driver is an older black woman, mid 40s, raspy voice and short hair dyed burgundy. She pulls up 3 minutes before departure, gets off the bus, and takes her sweet time using the restroom. Granted, she always gets us to our destination on time (quality). But she is rude as hell!!!!! Like, BIHHHHH don’t make me really disrespect you. She’s my elder HAHAHA and I don’t want to tell her off. I really dont. But I will. 

So I have my discounted rides card (because of my anxiety) and I always show it to her. Today I of ready to show her my card and she yells out “WE KNOW YOU SPECIAL girl, just put your money in.” 
Ok ok ok… I must have sat down and as she gossiped the whole way to my bus stop to another OL BITTY (old bitter) I just glared.

I’m so over public transportation honey!!!! LORDT 


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