traveling mercies

For what does it profit a woman to gain the world and lose her soul?

It is April 1st, 2016. It has been a very good year for me already! I’ve been blessed with a new job, which may or may not be full time. I also have been working at a really lowkey-country-bluegrass-hipster-pop-intimate live music venue in downtown Nashville where I currently live. God has truly given me more peace and understanding. I have so much more patience with people and socially, I’m feeling less anxious. The complexities I’ve nurtured and loved are no longer necessity. I’m actually exhausted from self loathing. 
Megabus is a lot more comfortable than greyhound, who would have known? We are a little behind time but whatever, no rush. My boyfriend will be there waiting upon my arrival, which is comforting.  

Peace is all I want this entire weekend. We’ve been doing our petty relationship back and forth lately. This weekend, I want to enjoy him. 
Btw, I got a window seat 😉


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