A poem 

My floor always has this musky smell, even if I wash it twice a day… The smell of people walking on it just never leaves…. I’ve gotten it cleaned and checked so many times….. I remember when I first got my floor walked on, of course the guy had to be the most disrespectful, dirty scum bag.. Tell him “remove your shoes” and whatdoyaknow… He doesn’t. 
He wasn’t invited over ever again after the 5th time… I was so pissed at the blatant disrespect…. Ergh… 
Anyways, my floor needs a deep clean. I wish I could just remove it entirely. I wish I could go back to the first time I let someone walk on my damn carpet… I’da never invited him over….. 
Now my floor has this lingering smell of people. Bodies. Dirt brought in from the outside World. 
I wish Ida known. Now my floor will never be clean again…. Until i move on. 


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