Mirror mirror 

Mirror mirror reflection of my soul


Tis the brightest light shown, the eye is off and on 

Luke warm faith, I like my coffee dark  

Can’t beat self without seeing me for real 

Silicon bodies, on bodies 

Siri you know me… Factually 

Actually you prolly know my darkest truths 

Private browser for porn and lustily driven “will never dos” 

Out loud I cry out 

Siri, what’s up with the signal of my heart why can’t I find love

Yea yea kissin on her tattoos my body yearns for Google to tell me why I’m sick 

Maybe it’s cus I don’t feed my body 


Who needs healing when Siri got my 2.1 second found 2500,000 truths 

Bye bye God 
Siri keepin me coo 


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