working vs schooling 

So I’ve been in and out of college for about 3 years now. I’ve finished a total of a year & a half or something like that. Recently, I noticed that work has been getting a lot more chill and I feel more comfortable working my job. The reason being is that I’m actually not running away. I’m being patient with myself and with the opportunities that may or may not arise here in Nashville. But I most definitely am going to finish my bachelors, masters and PHD eventually. 
In the meanwhile, I want to tell every college student this: 
Be grateful! Some of us can’t attend college for mental, financial or even physical reasons and it sucks seeing people complain about accomplishing something that seems so far away for me. 
Study! You may be irritated with professors for the amount of work or examines or lack of slides before finals… BUT you’re not going to like cleaning tables, wiping crumbs and/or having horrible supervisors at a ‘no-so-great’ job post college graduation. 
Trust in your academics! I know not everything in the real world will need your awesome knowledgeable self, but one more smart person in the world never hurt anyone. So continue learning even after you leave the classroom! 
Lastly, I AM PROUD OF YOU! So proud!!!!!!!! College is not easy nor is it simple… There are so many things that happen whilst in college and so many changes in a person that the World around you may not understand… But we all go through it and you will get through it! 
I believe in your struggle. Work is life, life is work. Whether in a classroom or at Wendy’s… There’s always room to improve. 
(I do not work at Wendy’s. I refuse fast food.) Lol


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