My mom said “I don’t know why bad things happen to good people.” I couldn’t answer her, because I don’t think there is a definite fate  for bad and good in life. Things just happen. 

Anyone can be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Anyone can meet the wrong man or woman. Trust the wrong coworker. Hire the wrong employee. The great thing about it is, though, we all choose what to do after learning life lessons. Some of us become more afraid of people or things or places. Some of us are fearless because “once you’ve been at your worst, you can’t go any lower.” And nobody can win a battle without choosing to! 

Nonetheless, bad things happen to people. “Bad” is a rather relative word. You know, I could be a bad person to a good person whose always faced bad people. 

TODAY I CHOOSE TO BE A GOOD PERSON AND WHATEVER HAPPENS, happens. But I kno that bad things have happened to me, and now I’m taking back my control. 


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