A lot can change in 2.5 seconds. You could get a phone call, a text message, hit by lightening, crushed by a bolder, find $40 on the ground, fall in love, get kicked by a midget….. A lot can happen in a matter of seconds. Get this, I decided to settle down, in a matter of seconds. I reckon it took my boyfriend 10-20 hours in total to get me to understand his point of view, but in a matter of seconds I decided not to leave Nashville. I decided to stay. It can be very scary for me to trust someone else’s instincts. I’ve always relied on my own intuition to lead me and guide me along my path! But, today, my wonderful boyfriend influenced my decision making. I am settling, and no, not for less. I am settling for MORE! An abundance of built relationships, personally & socially, a built resume, more work hours, and hopefully countless weekends with the man I adore.

Everyone  has the ability to change. It isn’t easy though and trust me, it is uncomfortable. Being vulnerable is uncomfortable, but learning Love… Whatdoyakno?? Learning love is learning that in 2.5 seconds, everything could change…. Like Chantier Johnson settling, building & listening to her boyfriends very valuable opinion on “The Runaway Girl”.



Oh, btw, I’m the runaway girl…. Or use to be… 2.5 seconds ago


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