The Awakening of Me.

A Spiritual woman,

A woman in a body

a body on the earth

Protector of light

Laboring in Light,

Consciously searching for Kindred’s,

Spirits; old friends

Intertwined in this World is a mind full of lies.

Eye am the Truth

the “be polite, don’t be rude.” 

The ‘Praise Yahweh, he is King of Kings’

Purposefully Giving more than I take

Eye am a Woman born in a state-of-sense more radical than a Normative Mind

I am Da Truth. 

Brown skin, melting pot.. more like tossed up and spit out

Eye am An Indigo. Phoenix through the Universe.

*gasping for air* 

Are you there? Chantier, born 93’

Now they call me Bonnie because I have found me.

Third eye awakened, Spirit constantly mistaken. 

Eye am Light. Eye am Light. Can’t let me fire simmer.. Can’t gain control…… HELP ME; I HAVE BEEN SO OLD-FOR-SO-LONG. 

Old-soul, Neo… 

What is it that keeps us apart? 

God purposely seperated me from my Spirit Family… Yahweh is calling me

I hear God’s whispers; He is speaking through the leaves.

My pencil, eye see you.

No eraser. Be disciplined Bonnie. NO PEN. Be disciplined Bonnie.

Indigo, go. Fly. Be Bold. 


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