99 problems, people are 1.

PSA: NO, you do not have the right to an opinion about my life OR anyone else’s. If you are not the one that walked the walk you must learn to listen. Listening is the best part of life; you begin to learn more about yourself in return. You, my dear, are just a viewer… Viewers discretion is advised.


Never come for a Woman who has nothing to lose. I have nothing to lose. I have been at the very bottom of the Food Chain. I slept on bunk beds, at the Salvation Army in Downtown Atlanta for 3 months. I slept with Old Ladies Snoring all night… Wake up calls at 6:30am… Cleaning other peoples human feases out of toilets. 40 hours work weeks at the ATL Airport with no benefits. I have walked miles to eat a meal in 100 degree heat. I have been on Welfare, and TANF and all the other socially embarrassing assistant programs. God rescued me from it all… All that I ask for in friends or associates is HONESTY/INTEGRITY/LOYALTY/PATIENCE AND ENDURANCE. If you can rock with AUTHENTICITY, you can rock with me. If you can rock with VULNERABILITY, you can sit with me. I am an open-book. I am a Story-Teller. I am a Worker of Light and I will GLOW, GROW, AND KNOW… forever!

Disloyalty is one of the worst character traits. If being a disloyal person is a part of your being, stay in your lane. Stay far far far away from me. I have no time for foolishness nor do I appreciate people jumping on the bandwagon on my personal truth and pain. Either you listen and process or you don’t. We coexist for the mere purpose of Yahwehs Glory; my story is a testiment to what the Lord, our God, WILL DO.

Believe me, I see through all of the fakery. Nothing gets pass a Woman with discernment. Nothing gets pass a Woman with courage. Nothing gets pass a Woman with Self-LOVE AND A TRUE INNER-STANDING OF HERSELF.



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