enlighten me

Marry me w your soul 

‘tall dark  and handsome’

marry me with you heart

pearly whites, oh, how they complement your Hershey skin. 

your ‘freshness’

i prefer swag and sustenance.

Fill my belly w your seeds, you will live on, inside of me

I want eternity with my Black Man

I want us to go hand and hand into MT. Zion

My Man.

I will be your Wombman

Marry me with your juicy, soft, sweet lips that make my skin tingle…

Marry me with your honesty, honor and Spirituality

Marry me with your Soul

Marry my thighs with comfort; as we intertwine our lives…

Let us be bold. Bless w an affirmation of a committed

relation…. to our loveless generation..

Hold my heart in your mind every-time you see another beautiful woman

Marry me, with all of you,

and in return, I will marry you; too. 


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