crawling, like a toddler

Dear audience or whomever is concerned,

I was so distant from life the last few years. Numb to my Likes and Dislikes. Looking for passion in things that brought no joy to my soul… Looking at myself from a distance. I am healing just fine; I am drawing closer to myself… Day by day…

I am going to be moving into my new studio home in a week or so; finally off of the streets and moving into comfort!!! I feel blessed. I am forever grateful for the grace that the Lord has shown in my life. I honestly could not imagine myself in a different kind of lifestyle. I believe in healing. I trust in God’s healing ability. The way that Yahweh has shown up in the darkest places of my life, has given me reason to believe!!!! I am not a blind believer. I can see Yahweh’s grace and feel Yahweh’s love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM GAINING THE MOMENTUM THAT I NEED, I AM FINALLY CRAWLING.

I love art. I am discovering more about myself through my artistic endeavors. When I first began my Apprenticeship, I was clueless about my hidden talents! I did not know that, I, Bonnie, was anywhere near an artist! The POWER in trying is phenomenal.… All I had to do was try something new; and I did.

I feel alive, guys. I am a human being slightly. I can honestly say that I have CHOSEN the light; the truth; and the way!

I am a true believer in Finding God in myself.



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