peace b still

Bonnie Johnson. 21 years young. Libra (horoscopes are strongholds of mine). Seattle Bred. West Indian (Afro-Trini) Woman of Color. Renaissance writer, poet, singer and artist. Sometimes Eyeam here & other times Eyeam there. Just discovering God for myself. Fulfilling my prophecy to the best of my abilities; whilst living within yet without.

Being a woman, a black woman, a black, being… Does it get better? Or does God love you more the longer you live… Peep this:

My goal is to be a virtuous woman of God. In this lifetime, I will be known and renounced for my Spirit. As I witness to you, I witness to myself. This is nothing to be worried or discussed; really. Welcome to the Next Best Thing. Welcome to a Broken-Hearted Girl. A Woman finally coming into herself. I am finally feeling the tips of my fingers and the bottom of my feet. Indefinitely brought into this World to spread the Gospel… If you feel me, you feel me.

I’ve been to two different countries.

Lived in three different states.

Loved too many men.

My life has consisted of ME. I think I laughed more than I cried. Recently, my soul wounds decided to open up and I have been hopelessly crying my poor little heart out.

Indigo Child. Vibrant Woman with lots of SA$$.

I found God in me, God found me in the World… I thank him everyday for being my Prince Charming. We haven’t yet been able to hug but he knows my arms are ready when he is.

No intentions of doing bad, with some bad ass intentions of doing GREAT. I will prevail.

Welcome to the brink of my Spiritual Awakening.

Without Struggle there is NO Progress


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